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  • Proper nutrition is the key to a beautiful body
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The main thing to remember is to avoid diets and low-calorie foods. The result will be short-term, and the consequences for the body are serious: weight gain more than lost, stress, low self-esteem, harm to the reproductive system. Yes, temporary rules and restrictions will be required, but follow them without fanaticism.



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How to lose weight at home

To lose weight at home, you need an integrated approach that includes a number of physiological and psychological aspects: 1. Adhere to a system of proper nutrition. What we eat directly affects our weight. 2. Go in for sports. It has been proven that physical activity promotes weight loss, prolongs youth, gives a good mood, prevents sagging skin with rapid weight loss. 3. Lead an active lifestyle, which means giving up bad habits and changing the usual pace of life, and maintain a positive attitude.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly

If you adhere to radical diets and significantly reduce the diet, then you can lose weight in record time. However, experts advise not to pursue a quick result, because its effectiveness will be short-lived. The lost kilograms can come back just as quickly. If you really want to gain a slim figure for a long time and maintain health, then it is better to lose weight gradually, gradually adjusting your diet. Start monitoring the quality of the food you eat, reduce portions. Enterosorbent drugs will also help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

Healthy nutrition menu

A tasty and balanced menu will help you on your way to a slim figure. You should give up fried, smoked, sweets, flour, alcohol. Only rye bread is allowed from baked goods. Desserts can be replaced with healthy fresh fruits. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Natural honey or dried fruits for tea will serve as a worthy alternative to it. Snacks play an important role: before meals, eat low-fat yoghurts and fruits, they will save you from overeating. Experts also advise consuming more fermented milk products (kefir, yoghurts) and fiber (it is found in bran, fruits and vegetables). When choosing vegetables, remember that potatoes are one of the most nutritious and best avoided. After 17.00, it is not recommended to consume carbohydrates, only light soup or fish is allowed. In the morning, you can drink water with lemon, it speeds up the metabolism. When forming the daily menu, do not forget about the protein contained in meat, eggs, cottage cheese. Apples and cinnamon are very useful for losing weight: they accelerate the metabolic process in the body. During the period of weight loss, it is more important than ever to provide the body with the necessary amount of fluid, so you should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. For drinks, stop at fresh water or green tea. It is important that the food menu is varied and combines various microelements. Alternate between eating different vegetables, meats, seafood and fish. It is advisable to reduce the use of salt, it retains fluid in the body.

How many calories do you need to eat per day to lose weight

Many women are concerned about how many calories you need to consume in order not to gain weight. A simple principle works here - you need to spend more calories than comes from food. For example, start by cutting 300 calories. It just means giving up the usual bun or chocolate bar, but even such a slight cut will allow you to lose 1 kg per week. And in a month you will lose weight by 3-4 kg.

Weight Loss Exercise

The first thing that comes to mind, and the most common, is going to the fitness room or pool. Alternatively, sign up for a dance or jog in the morning to speed up the fat burning process. You can do it at home too - push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and stretching exercises will do. Plank exercise is very effective in the struggle for harmony. It is not necessary to immediately introduce large loads. Start small: exercise in the morning or a short 10 minute run. Walk more on foot, give up transport, go up the stairs instead of the elevator. Cardio training is excellent for effective weight loss - this is the same running and cycling mentioned above. At home, jumping rope, exercise bike, stepper give a similar effect.

Modern methods of losing weight

Medicine does not stand still, so the cosmetic industry offers a number of new methods of losing weight. These include various drugs, a dietitian phone that determines the calorie content of a dish from a loaded photo on the phone, cosmetic injections. Another innovation is myostimulant. This is a device that acts by means of a current on problem areas, which increases muscle tone. Modern methods of losing weight are convenient in that they do not require effort and the weight goes away forever. The safest among them are breathing practices. A set of exercises based on the use of breathing is called "bodyflex". It is often used in conjunction with aromatherapy.